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Pemberton Valley Trails Association

The Pemberton Valley Trails Association (PVTA) is unique in the Sea to Sky because it is comprised of many different user groups in the valley. Mountain bikers, hikers, equestrians, and trials bike users have joined forces under the PVTA to enhance and preserve the trail network for everyone in the region.

Pocketful Productions

We are a cozy chic wedding and event planning company specializing in the delivery of weddings, parties, and quaint affairs in both Pemberton and Whistler, BC. Our passion is to assist in the creation of unforgettable events through thoughtful planning and execution. That is to say, we will ensure your day goes your way right down to the cake crumbs…because some days are destined to be extraordinary.


Riverlands is the largest privately owned property in the Whistler/ Pemberton area and has been featured in Hollywood movies, TV commercials and photo shoots. The 1,260 acre working farm supports an Organic dairy cow grazing operation and a world class Equestrian Facility offering Horse boarding, professional Dressage training and coaching. In addition to our farming activities, we also offer various locations on the estate for Weddings & Events.

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