Slow Food Cycle Sunday


A Celebration of Food, Farmers and the Joys of Biking!

Slow Food Cycle Sunday presented by Pemberton Valley Supermarket is an opportunity to connect — town folk and city folk, consumers with their food, people with the land. The future of food is local!

Slow Food Cycle Sunday is a 40 kilometer / 25 mile cycle up and down Pemberton Meadows Road. Choose your own pace and do as much or as little of the route as you like.

Visit Pemberton farms and purchase local produce, crafts and much more along the way.

2019 Slow Food Cycle | Sunday, August 18

  • Where: Pemberton Meadows Road at the location of the old Pemberton Community Centre. Look for School District 48’s Bus Garage and Playing Fields just north west of the Village of Pemberton.
  • When: 9:00am – 3:00pm
  • Cost: $5 per person / $20 per family (up to 6 members) / Free – Children 5 and under

Road Closed for a Safe Event!

Once again this year, in the interest of participant safety, Pemberton Meadows Road will be closed to vehicle traffic from 10am – 3pm on Sunday, August 18 for the Slow Food Cycle Sunday event. The road will remain open for slow moving farm vehicles.

From 9am-10am and from 3pm onward the road will be shared by vehicle traffic and bike traffic. The speed limit along Pemberton Meadows Road will be reduced to 30 km/hr. Please share the road and respect each other’s goals to ensure a fun and safe day for all.

Online Registration

Register online and avoid long lines on event day! Online registration opens May 15.


About Slow Food Cycle Sunday

Slow Food Cycle Sunday blows the fast-food drive-through away. The event is a pedal-powered trip through the natural buffet that is Pemberton Meadows farmland to meet local growers and sample produce fresh from the field.

The World Watch Institute reports that the average food item eaten in North America has traveled 2,500 to 4,000 km from farm to table. Here, the distance between good food and your table is as short as a 50 kilometre bike ride.

Slow Food Cycle Sunday began over a conversation at the Helmer’s family farm in 2005. The seed of the idea to connect city folk to their food and farmers to the people who buy and eat their food was modest. There was no way of knowing that the event would spawn countless other Slow Food Cycling events around the world, or that the farmers and participants would grow to love this event so much that it would grow each year, becoming almost a festival of farm-to-table food and family cycling.

This event was inspired by the principles of Slow Food, an organization that Anna Helmer is actively involved with. Slow Food is a global, grassroots association with thousands of members around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment. 2015 marked the first year the Slow Food Cycle was officially produced by Tourism Pemberton.

This video put together a few years ago gives you a nice nibble of what the Slow Food Cycle Sunday is all about.

Pemberton's Own Moveable Feast

“It’s Pemberton’s own Moveable Feast,” says Lisa Richardson, one of the founding organizers. An truly, this is what has happened. By creating the space for something like this, people involved have taken ownership of the event and expanded it to create something even bigger. It’s also about food sovereignty but “the ride is slow and social, it’s like a street party, gorgeous scenery, all kinds of bikes, lots of families, all kinds of fashion from bikini tops to spandex, all kinds of bikes from cruisers to tandems to downhill rigs,” says Lisa.