COVID-19 (Coronavirus) UPDATE

The Village of Pemberton is a social distance practicing community.

We are doing our best to support health authorities in ’flattening the curve’ by advising British Columbians to:

  • Avoid non-essential travel at this time (stay at home)
  • Explore within your own community
  • Practice social distancing – please respect the 2 metre rule
  • Follow the advice of health authorities to keep yourself and others safe

The more we do to respond now, the faster the recovery can begin.

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Nairn Falls Provincial Park and Joffre Lakes Provincial Park are still closed. This action is being taken in response to the call for increased action to address the COVID-19 pandemic and aligning with federal and provincial experts requesting citizens to stay home. Please check the BC Parks site for information on what parks are currently open.

Trails BC have also closed the following sites as of March 23 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic:

Cat lake
Brohm lake
Levette Lake
Cal Cheak
Owl Creek
Strawberry Point
Driftwood bay
Lizzie Bay
Twin One
Sloquet Hot Springs
Skookumchuck/Tsek Hot Springs
Keyhole/Pebble Creek Hot Springs

Because non-essential travel is not recommended, Pemberton looks forward to welcoming back all visitors once we have overcome this challenging time.


May 7, 2020 –  BC’s Restart Plan

Premier John Horgan announced B.C.’s Restart Plan, which outlines how British Columbians will move forward with safely restarting our province beginning in mid-May. Under the plan, government will work closely with public health officials, businesses and labour organizations to lift restrictions in phases, gradually allowing for more social and economic activity, while closely monitoring health information to minimize the risk to the public.

BC is currently in Phase 1 of the restart plan. Phase 2, which will begin in mid-May, includes:

  • small social gatherings;
  • a resumption of elective surgeries and regulated health services like physiotherapy, dentistry, chiropractors and in-person counselling;
  • provincial parks open for day use;
  • opening more non-essential businesses in keeping with safe operations plans;
  • recalling the provincial legislature for regular sittings.

For more information about the BC Restart Plan, please visit the website.

May 5, 2020 – Update from Vancouver Coastal Health

The end of the beginning of COVID-19
Dr. Bonnie Henry said she believes we are at “the end of the beginning” of our COVID-19 pandemic in B.C., and while we are not quite ready to ease restrictions on daily life, we are at the point where we can begin to plan forward to increase our social connections, to increase our work, to increase our school and day care and child care. On Wednesday, Premier John Horgan will be speaking about how government will be moving forward.

Modelling increasing contacts in community
Using dynamic compartmental modelling, Dr. Henry showed that with physical distancing, and doing work and school at home, the modelling shows we are having about 30% of our usual contacts in the community. If we increase our contacts to 40%, we would expect new cases to continue to be relatively low over the coming weeks and months, hospitalizations would also stay low. If we increase our number of contacts from 30% to 60%, we would likely have increased numbers of cases, and some hospitalizations over time in the coming weeks, but we could manage them within our capacity planning. If we went all the way to 80% of our usual contacts, the virus has the opportunity to take off quite rapidly, and we might have a rapidly increasing outbreak, and a rapidly increased number of people who need hospitalization.

Dr. Henry said the challenge is to rebuild our resilient economy and provide supports for people so they can safely return to work, to strengthen our social fabric and have connections in a safe way. She said the sweet spot will be increasing our contacts by about half, or twice as many as we have now, to 60%, but without allowing those opportunities for rapidly exponential growth of the virus in our community. She said key principles include staying informed, practicing good hygiene, and staying at home and away from others if you’re feeling ill.


Message from Tourism Pemberton President:


Hello All,

These are incredibly challenging times. I want to let you know that the most important things you can do right now for our community are as follows.

Practice social distancing.

It may seem overly cautious, but we need to take significant steps right now and limit our contact with others to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community, province and globally. As much as possible, stay at home. Cancel or postpone gatherings. Keep your kids away from group settings. If you do go out, keep at least two metres away from others, and avoid places where you can’t keep a distance.

Look after our local healthcare system.

Do not go to the Pemberton Health Clinic for non-urgent concerns or if you are concerned about symptoms of illness related to COVID-19. Instead, call the special information and assessment line the province has set up at 1-888-COVID19 (1-888-268-4319) or visit their website at

Support our community services.

The local food bank is in need of non perishables and cash

Look after each other.

Please continue to be caring and civil towards each other, especially on social media. We all find ourselves in an unprecedented situation and we need to build each other up, not tear each other down.

Again, I can’t emphasize enough that we all must take social distancing recommendations from public health officials very seriously. For those not in Pemberton, this is not the time to travel. I ask that you stay home for now until we can welcome you with open arms again.


Mark Mendonca
Tourism Pemberton
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Stay safe. Stay home.

We will keep this page updated as changes occur.