Tourism Pemberton

13 January 2021

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This Is Your Chance To Make A Difference - Call For Board Members!

As we begin a new year, we pause to reflect on how the pandemic has effected the tourism industry…it has almost been decimated, but there is hope. While Federal and Provincial governments are making investments in communities that are willing to invest in themselves, we here at Tourism Pemberton are looking ahead with optimism, a full gambit of potential projects on our plate that will enhance our community and promote visitation to our area, when it’s safe to do so.


Our lives would certainly look different if we were not a tourism based community. Much of what we do with our community partners is to promote responsible and sustainable tourism. Some of these initiatives include the Slow Food Cycle Sunday, the Pemberton Farm Tour, Raven Backcountry Festival as well as taking responsibility when possible for infrastructure like having the Nairn Falls main parking lot opened for the 2020/2021 winter season. This not only further encourages outdoor recreation but also discourages dangerous parking along the highway, averting potential tragedies. Local RCMP have applauded our efforts.


We currently have applied for over a million dollars in grant funding for various projects that will impact our community. Some of this funding will go towards the installation and maintenance of diversion washroom facilities at key trail heads.


At this time, the Tourism Pemberton Board of Directors is looking for individuals who can bring dynamic synergy and energy to our organization. We are looking for fresh ideas and commitment. No other organization in the Pemberton area will have an impact on so many local families.


Our efforts are to ensure that responsible tourism gets back on track as so many have been affected – family, neighbors, co-workers. Despite not always being recognized for the many contributions we make to our community, Tourism Pemberton stands strong for the 100’s employed in our industry/sector.


Thank you to all who support the tourism industry. Thank you to our current Board, all of whom have once again committed to our organization. Your jobs and our industry matter.


If interested in joining the Tourism Pemberton Board, please call or email me direct.




Mark Mendonca
Tourism Pemberton