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Pemberton Arts and Culture Council

Associations & Non Profit

Photo by Dave Steers

Pemberton Arts and Culture Council,
Box 1169,
Pemberton, B.C., V0N 2L0

Phone: 604-894-0242



Our Mission:

The Pemberton Arts Council mission is to inspire and assist local artists, to increase access to artistic and cultural experience in the Pemberton and Lil'wat Lands, and to place culture in its proper place as one of the three foundations ( culture, science, spirit) for social and economic progress in the region.


Teamwork - We collaborate with trust, respect and leadership.

Integrity - We commit to accountability, fairness, authenticity and ethical conduct

Inclusivity - We commit to community-driven partnerships and collaboration with flexibility that invites diversity.

Resilience - We respect our fragile environment and how we as a community, impact it. We practice arts and culture in a manner that is sustainable, inclusive, responsible and forward-thinking.

Passion - Our passion for creativity drives a our mission to foster a vibrant arts and culture community.