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Lillooet Lake Rodeo 2015 - Day 2

Photo by Dave Steers

Date: Sunday, May 17, 2015
Time: 11 AM
Location: Lillooet Lake Rodeo Grounds
Admission: Varies

The Lillooet Lake Rodeo: Why It Is Special

Lillooet Lake Rodeo

The Lillooet Lake Rodeo may look like any other rodeo, but as an official WIREA event, it has several special characteristics.

An official WIREA event means that it is part of the long history and tradition of native rodeos. Begun in the 1950s as a way to separate from the traditional rodeos, whose subjective judging was seen to often discriminate against native participants, the WIREA and other Indian rodeo associations in the United States and Canada have now created a culture around native rodeos that honours their participation in and relationship with the sport.

The WIREA events are different in two important ways. First, the Lillooet Lake Rodeo incorporates children's and community events. Second, the Lillooet Lake Rodeo honours the special relationship between the native people and the animals involved.

You'll notice that today's event includes a parade as well as a "Fun Rodeo" - These both help to bring the community together and foster the social aspect of the rodeo, which is one of the most important parts of the rodeo experience.

It's All About Community

The Lillooet Lake Rodeo is centred around the community, with the fun and children's events being a large part of this. A great example of this is the parade from Rancheree to Ull'us at 11 AM followed with the Fun Rodeo at 1 PM. Novice events that happened yesterday included steer riding, Whistler Ski Bum, cow riding, pie eating contest, cowboy hustle (no rules!) and much more.

According to the WIREA website: "Native rodeo participants usually have a very special, long-standing relationship with natural and supernatural beings, particularly horses and cattle, the modern equivalent of the buffalo. Most rodeos begin with the Cowboy Prayer, and an opening prayer in a Native language acknowledging the superiority of the animals, who are asked to have pity on the human beings and not be "too hard" on them during the competition."

The Official WIREA Professional Rodeo

Be on the Rodeo Grounds at 11 AM sharp. The entry fee for the professional rodeo is $50. Of course, if you are simply watching the rodeo, the entry fee is $5, with children 10 and under free.

Professional Events:

  • Event Purse $1,000 — Bull Riding, Tie Down Roping, Ladies Barrel Racing, Breakaway roping, and team Roping
  • Event Purse: $500 — bareback, saddle bronc, steer wrestling

Minor Events:

  • The entry fee for these events is $30
  • Event Purse $500 — Junior Steer Riding, Junior Barrel Racing

Special Events:

  • The entry fee for these events is $10
  • Event Purse $150 — Pee-wee Barrel Racing

Learn More and Join in

There will be a Dance Under the Stars, as well as the professional rodeo on May 17 and 18th. This event is always well attended and fun for everyone, so we hope to see you there! 

  • WIREA Entries happen on May 4 and 5th from 4 to 10 PM
    Phone: 250-457-6212
  • Local and Open Entries happen on May 4 and 5th from 4 to 10 PM
    Phone 604-894-6665
  • Call back day is May 11th from 5:30 to 8:30 PM
  • Rodeo admission is $5 per person, with children 10 and under FREE

Watch This Video by Michael Douglas:

"The best thing is that the entire community of Mt Currie comes out for the whole weekend." - Mike Douglas