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Community Barn Raising Event

Photo by Dave Steers

Date: Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Time: Throughout the Day
Location: Frontier Street

Barn Raising

The community of Pemberton is excited to announce that this May 12-24 members of the organization The Timber Framers Guild and select volunteers from the community will come together to build the frame for a new community barn based in the downtown area.

The people of Pemberton have been asking for a community barn for quite some time now and thanks to the recent partnership with The Timber Framers Guild and a generous donation from the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation it will move forward.

The new community barn will be constructed in the parking lot on Frontier Street adjacent to the Pemberton Pharmacy and the rail road tracks. The barn will be an open air structure with beautiful Douglas Fir beams exposed throughout the structure. Once completed the barn will serve as the future site for the Pemberton Farmer's Market, outdoor movie screenings, community barn dances, and several other events and activities.

Big Thanks

On a very important note the Village of Pemberton and members of the community would like to extend a big thanks to The Timber Framers Guild and Whistler Blackcomb Foundation.

The Farmers GuideThe Timber Framers Guild

The Timber Framers Guild is a volunteer based organization that gathers to help not-for-profit and deserving organizations construct building projects that are beneficial to the community. The organization will be sending some 50 volunteers to Pemberton this May to lead construction on the new building all of whom will be volunteering their time and skills.

Whistler Blackcomb FoundationThe Whistler Blackcomb Foundation

The community would also like to extend a big thanks to the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation for their extremely generous donation of $240,000. Without this donation the project would not have been able to move forward and the community of Pemberton is grateful for the continuous generosity from the foundation.

Pemberton Community

Last and not least the community thanks all the wonderful volunteers and businesses who have donated time and money to help move this project along. Community members will continue to play a role in the project when several of them help house and feed members of the TFG this coming May.