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Take it Slow in Pemberton — Farms, Food and Fun

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Thursday, August 06, 2015

Slow tourism. It's a way of life for some, a divergence for others and an industry for still others. In Pemberton, we are beginning to wake up and smell the coffee, so to speak, that what we take for granted here: our slower pace, our quiet rural life — is to some a booming tourist industry.

Slow Food Cycle

Slow Tourism: Experience it

What some would call old fashioned hospitality and just good manners others are trying to seek out and experience (and chronicle on Instagram).

Recently, the Pique noted that the Pemberton wedding industry is booming. With 80 weddings in 2014, and no signs of slowing down in 2015 (pun intended) people are flocking here to get married at our slower, gentler pace. On farms, in fields, with simple food and dancing, we're offering people that intangible quality so hard to fake: authenticity. Realness. Our food may be simple, but it was picked this morning, for example.

Slow Food Cycle Sunday

Slow Food Cycle 2

And, of course, coming on August 16th the ultimate in slow tourism: the Slow Food Cycle Sunday returns for the 11th year. This year, DreamCatcher Meadows is offering tours of the stables which will include the breeding stables, a chance to watch the foals play with their mothers, see a 19-year-old Grand Prix champion and so much more.

The tour will culminate with show horses and their trained riders. If you would like to attend this tour during Slow Food Cycle Sunday, register early to make sure you'll be able to see this one-of-a-kind show.

Again, the Pique highlighted the Dream of Dreamcatcher Meadows and the article gives a great idea of how special this facility really is. 

Farms, Food and Fun

Pemberton Farmers Market

To really enjoy the day, it's so important to remember that it's all about the slow. There is no hurry, no need to finish anything, or accomplish anything more than enjoying the day. 

The farmers are all working during this event. They're in their busiest season, and some will be actively unable to participate in the Slow Food Cycle Sunday because they will actually be working too hard. But even still, it's all about enjoying the day, taking things as they come, and not rushing. 

The slow farm vehicles are an apt reminder of this. You'll see them on the road as you ride along, and you'll remark at how slow paced they are. Relish this. This is the pace of the day today. 

You're taking time to see and smell and touch and hear where your food comes from. To meet those who grow it for you. Do this in a way that really appreciates all that goes into the food. The sun, the soil, the hours of hard work.

But at the end of the day, it's fun: there's live music, there are tasty treats. Flowers, delicious drinks. Friends and farms and festivities. Enjoy Pemberton with us on Sunday, August 16th and all through the year. Slowly, at a good pace.