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Pemberton Music Festival Preview

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Thursday, July 09, 2015

Pemberton's biggest party Pemberton Music Festival returns this July 16 - 19 to the old Fotch farm grounds. With one of the best line-ups since the inaugural event, this year is expected to be an epic 4 days of music, comedy and partying. To help prepare you for the madness, we've thrown together a list of FAQ's and must-haves to help get you through the fest.

Bring sunglasses and bandanas

Pemberton Music Festival Bandana Girl

We don't know if you've heard but BC is experiencing a terrible fire season right now. This has resulted in the lower part of the province being covered in smoke. While the festival isn't anywhere close to active wildfires the smoke has descended on Pemberton. We're still a week away from the event and the hope is that cooler temperatures + rain and the amazing work of the firefighters will help bring the smoke down. But in reality there will still probably be some smoke in the air. Much like the first festival when dust turned the grounds into a scene from the old west, we advise people to pack handkerchiefs and sunglasses to help fight irritants in the sky.

Follow up FAQ - Is there any concern over the Festival being canceled?

Short answer no. The Festival grounds aren't close to any active fires. The situation is being monitored daily, but the real concern is the air. What looks like will happen is a cold front will come through this weekend with possible rain and make conditions better for fire-fighters. We are really hopeful this will bring down the smoke and leave us in a much better situation come festival time.

Rock an Amazing Costume

Pemberton Music Festival Attendees

Festival season might as well be held during October because at no other time during the year can you dress up so ridiculously and get away with it. Rocking an amazing costume during the festival is part tradition, part 'hey I'm here to party deal with it'. Past favorites have included the fun police, taco man, the sasquatch twins or this dude wearing a snow suit... oh wait that's just Andre 3000.

Pack your water bottle, sunscreen & hat

It's going to be hot during Pemby Fest. How hot we don't know, but there calling for low 30's. Now we don't want to sound like your concerned mom, but make sure you have your heat defenses up. That means throwing on your hat and sunscreen + rocking a water bottle for water re-fill. Yes, there will be water refill stations on site. And if you’re going to rage all day and night, make sure you’re at least re-hydrating. As a wise man once told me 'Don't let dehydration ruin your vacation' - truer words have never been spoken.

Will my phone work during the festival?

PembyFest phone concern

Settle down millennials, your phone will work just fine. Last year extra towers were brought in for the event, the same ones will be brought in again, which allowed all cellular devices to work just fine. This makes meeting up with friends easier and more importantly sending endless Instagram photo's a breeze.

What has been done to correct the camping fiasco of last year?

Unfortunately, the walk will be just as long as last year from the parking lots to the campgrounds. However, the road has been improved and wheel barrels will be on site to help make the walk more manageable. We encourage campers to be aware that camping is pack-in-pack-out. Several people brought couches last year. Which you know seems pretty cool, but that's on you to get it into and out of the campsite. Pack conservatively, don't bring more than you can carry. And when you can, construct a device with wheels or pack on top of a cooler with wheels. Better yet bring your own wheelbarrow. Pemby Fest wheel barrels will be hot commodities so don't rely on them being readily available.

Last but not least, make sure you know to get up here Thursday!

Previous events may have started on Thursday, but the big boy acts didn't go on until Friday. That is not the case this year. The event starts Thursday afternoon this year. With headliners like J.Cole, BassNector, Billy Talent, Sam Roberts & G-Eazy all set to play Thursday. Don't miss out on the early acts, get up here as early as possible on Thursday and set up.

Photo Credit: Dave Steers (Girl in Bandana) | Pemberton Music Festival Flickr