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One Mile Lake, Four Distinct Seasons — Visit Pemberton!

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Tuesday, June 30, 2015

One Mile Lake is the iconic lake that presents itself as you approach Pemberton from Whistler. As you reach the top of the hill before you descend into the village of Pemberton, you can just make out One Mile Lake on the right-hand side. In the days before there was a community centre, it was the community centre. In the years that it is cold enough to hold the Iconic Pemberton Winter Festival, it is held at One Mile Lake.

Pemberton Dragon Boat on One Mile Lake

It is the beginning to the hike to Nairn Falls. It is a fishing hole. It is great for ice skating as well as for jogging around along the trail that hugs the lake. It is where the dragon boat team practices, and where young kids learn to swim. 

Clearly, a visit to Pemberton cannot be considered complete without at least one trip to One Mile Lake. No matter what the season.

Winter in Pemberton on One Mile Lake

Winter season brings everyone out to One Mile Lake. It is small enough to freeze over and become a lovely outdoor ice rink. Kids play shinny on One Mile Lake, and adults and kids alike skate and play on the ice. The beauty of a small village pond, near the village centre, that attracts people of all ages is something almost reminiscent of a bygone era.

When the Pemberton Winter Festival is held, it is held at One Mile Lake. A perfect gathering space, it is a lovely spot in winter months for all those typically rural Canadian activities. 

Spring in Pemberton on One Mile Lake

One sure sign of spring in Pemberton is the Laoyam Eagles Dragon Boat team guessed it — One Mile Lake.

The world-renowned team trains on One Mile Lake all spring long, and a trip to Pemberton would not be complete without watching them practice. They are an internationally renowned competitive junior dragon boat team which has won numerous world championships across the globe. Perhaps even more importantly, their paddling program has been a fostering ground for athleticism, teamwork, leadership and respect. 

Summer in Pemberton on One Mile Lake

Summer begins and everyone heads to One Mile Lake to cool off. Close to the village, it is an easy walk to the lake, where families and people of all ages can be found in and around the water. The lake is surrounded by a well-kept boardwalk, which makes walking around the lake a fun nature hike. Fishing from the dock is fun for the kids, and swimming in One Mile Lake is legendary. 

You'll feel like a local if you head on over to One Mile Lake on your next visit to Pemberton, and you'll get a taste of that ideal rural lifestyle that Pemberton is well known for.

Fall in Pemberton on One Mile Lake

Fall arrives and temperatures drop just enough. Leaves change colour and the backdrop to One Mile Lake just explodes with colour. During this season, quiet walks around the lake are what draws people here. The trail taking you around the lake takes you through all the fall colours. You literally walk through a cascade of yellows, reds and oranges as you meander along the boardwalk and well-kept trail. Continuing on to Nairn Falls is possible as well, which creates the perfect scene for an extended quiet reflective fall nature walk. 

We hope you visit One Mile Lake on your next trip to Pemberton, no matter what the season. There is always something to see and do on our lake.