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Barn Burner Triple

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Friday, June 12, 2015

Triple Barn Burner Run 2015 B

The inaugural Barn Burner Triple Running Race is set to take place this Saturday, June 20. The race will be held along Pemberton's world renowned single track mountain biking trails - taking runners off the roads and into the backwoods and mountains.

During the event, participants can choose between three distances including 10 KM, 15 KM and 25 KM. Runners can choose to complete the event individually or as part of a team relay.

The course itself consists of three distinct loops, beginning and ending at the Pemberton Community Barn. Runners should prepare themselves for some steep climbs both up and down, along with some technical single track navigation. The organizers of the race have gone to great detail to select the best possible trails for the race. The trails have all been pre-run to ensure they are suitable for a running race and will be marked off during race day.

Community Barn SmlThe course is made up of three distinct loops. The first loop is 10KM followed by a 5KM and 10KM loop. It's important to note each loop varies from the other, you will not be running three identical laps. Of course, you will only run the number of loops that correlate to the distance you choose. If your choose to run the 10KM option you'll only complete the first loop if your choose the 15KM option you'll run two loops, and if you choose the 25KM option you'll run all three loops. Each loop starts and ends at the Pemberton Community Barn, so you will be passing through town three times if you run the full 25KM distance.

The Community Barn will also serve as cheer headquarters for friends, family and supporters. Following the race awards will be handed out under the barn.

Prices & Registration

10K $30 10K $35
15K $45 15K $50
25K $60 25K $65
2 loop relay $55 2 loop relay $60
3 loop relay $70 3 loop relay $75

To register for this event head on over to Barn Burner Triple website.