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Family Cycle Route Planner for Pemberton

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Thursday, April 09, 2015

Slow Food Bikers

Pemberton is a Perfect Place for Cycling for Beginners

Pemberton may have a plethora of cycling events for the pros, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a perfect place for families to cycle. Pemberton Valley is an excellent place for beginners to cycle, and that includes the entire crew from young to old.

Whether your family enjoys cycling out to the Pemberton Meadows, or cycling on the trails to Nairn Falls on the Sea-to-Sky trails, there's a perfect cycle route for you.

Slow Food Cycle Sunday

One great cycling route for families to enjoy is the route from the Village out the Pemberton Meadows Road. Whether you enjoy this route during the Slow Food Cycle Sunday in August, or simply want to try this out with your family on any other day, it's a lovely route on flat, well cared for roads. You'll want to pack snacks and bring along plenty of water, but this route is an excellent one for families to try together

Nairn Falls and the Sea-to-Sky Trail

A lovely trail for the whole family is the Nairn Falls trail. Whether you want to walk, bike or take a stroller, this trail is well laid out and perfect for families to enjoy together. For more information about this trial, check out our family cycling page.

Important Information for Cyclists

Cycling safety is an important consideration for families. One thing to remember is that in British Columbia, cyclists have the same rights as vehicles. British Columbia also put in place the strictest helmet laws in Canada. They are mandatory at all times. 

Make sure that your whole family is visible when you ride. This is especially important for families with smaller children. Knowing that you need to follow the same rules as vehicles means that you are not required to ride on the shoulder of the road. It is perfectly adequate to ride on the road to the right of traffic. 

For more information on what you as a cyclist need to know, check out our page with tips and rules