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May Fishing in Pemberton

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fly Fisher wide

May is always a great time to go fishing in Pemberton thanks to the salmon spawning season and milder temperatures. Pemberton is home to a number of great lakes and rivers where salmon and trout flock to at this time of the year.

River Fly-Fishing

River fly-fishing in Pemberton is extremely popular at this time of the year thanks to salmon run that happens in April and May. Salmon attract several species of trout with them looking to feed on the eggs of the salmon. The most popular style of fly fishing is walk and wade - essentially walking along the river banks and wading ankle-deep into the water to cast. During May you can find several species of trout in the rivers including Rainbow Trout, Coastal Cutthroat Trout, Rocky Mountain Whitefish and Bull Trout. Once trout get the taste for salmon fry they can easily be fooled with the use of streamers and minnow patterns. The boys over at Pemberton Fish Finder recommend using a Foxy Lady Streamer, Pink Belly, Moto Minnow or the Epoxy Minnow. Some of the best rivers to check out include the Lillooet River, Birkenhead River, Green River and the Ryan River.

Rainbow Trout wide

Rainbow Trout caught at Ivey Lake

Lake Fishing

As far as lake fishing the two best lakes to fish right now include Ivey Lake and Birkenhead Lake. Ivey is producing some great rainbow trout fishing right now. Two must have fly’s for fishing Ivey include the Dragonfly Nymphs and the black flying ant fly. The trout at Ivey feed heavily on dragon fly’s so the Dragonfly Nymphs is great fly to start with in any condition. However when it starts to warm up a bit the black flying ant's begin to hatch on the lake causing a feeding frenzy. You will recognize the hatch is in process when large grouping of ants begin to appear on the lake surface - this results in a lot of jumping fish and activity in certain areas. At this time cast you flying ant fly out into these areas and within minutes you should have action.

The other active lake right now is Birkenhead Lake. The month of May is a great time to catch Bull Trout on the lake. These bad boys can weigh anywhere from 5 LBS to 15 LBS and make for a great fight. The best way to catch bull trout at this time of the year is trolling with various minnow patterns.

For more information on Pemberton fishing conditions hit up the boys at Pemberton Fish Finder. They can also be found at Spud Valley Sports located smack dab in the middle of the Pemberton Village. No one knows fishing better than these guys. They also provide fishing tours with a guarantee catch clause - meaning that if you don't catch a fish it's FREE of charge.

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