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Heliski in Pemberton This Winter — And MTB, too!

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Sunday, March 01, 2015

You may have heard of the fantastic weather we've been having this winter in Pemberton. You can literally heliski in Pemberton and go for a bike ride, too! So pick your pleasure, and we'll see you soon.

Heli Skiing

This Winter Heliski in Pemberton Alpine or MTB in Pemberton Valley

It's your choice. As many people, including the folks at the Pemberton Bike Co. have confirmed, the mountain bike trails are ready early this year.

But what may be forgotten in this euphoria for mild weather is that, up in the alpine, things are white and cold. It's amazing, actually. This year, you can take advantage of the weather in ways that just aren't possible in most years. And certainly, most places don't have the geography to back this up, either.

Pemberton's valley is green and gorgeous this winter. Mild weather has given us a rare treat of full on hiking, biking and enjoying the sun that we don't normally see at this time of year. As the folks at the Bike Co. said so well, "You can do whatever you want. Sunbathe in your bikini, even." It's true. The valley is luscious this year.

But that doesn't stop the altitudes from giving us plenty of the white fluffy stuff. TLH heliskiing confirms that in the past few days, "the cold weather has given us another 5 centimetres of snow and lots of smiling faces!" In many ways it's a perfect season. The days are sunny but cold, with lots of snowy days mixed in. The alpine this year is serene and white, with great conditions for a heliskiing adventure.

Hiking Out Your Back Door While Heli Skiing

If you've got the time to spare, you can easily combine a heli ski adventure with some mountain biking in the same trip. Pemberton mountain biking this year is in full swing, and locals have noticed lots of people around on the trails with big smiles on their faces.

Take Advantage and Bring Your Bike and Skis Next Visit!

We hope you take advantage of this season. Most residents can scarcely remember the last time we had so much sun in the valley in the winter, mixed with lots of alpine snow.

Take a look at this epic mountain bike video to give you an idea of how good it really is right now. Especially if the above photos are making it difficult to believe that it really is spring in the valley, winter in the alpine.