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Mountain Bike Season Already?

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Friday, February 13, 2015

Mountain Biker X3

The saying 'sometimes you have to rob Peter to pay Paul' is a fitting lead to this story. While Pemberton has been getting hammered with rain lately robbing us of all our snow apparently it has opened up the mountain bike season incredibly early. As you can see from the picture above courtesy of Instagrammer @ruclawson as recently as Tuesday most of Pemberton's mountain bike trails are now assessable.

As well as getting rid of the snow the rain has also packed down trails making for great traction and maneuverability. So while the snowmobilers and skiers/boarders may be cursing the heavens the mountain bike enthusiasts have at least found a silver lining.

For those looking for more information on riding trails in Pemberton check out the Pemberton Trails website.