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Epic Fall in Pemberton — Gorgeous Time to See Fall Colours

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Thursday, October 01, 2015

Pemberton Fall

Experience Fall in Pemberton

Fall begins a special time in Pemberton, a time that defines us and allows us to show off what we've got: Nature in abundance. Before we settle in for the winter, the countryside seems to breathe a little deeper, our colours intensify and the ground almost seems to soak you up a little as you walk along our trails and country roads.

The moss is deep, the leaves thick in the fall. It's that time of year when the sun still shines brightly, but there's a change in the air. You know winter will be here soon enough, better take advantage of every last warm sunny day left in the year. 

And in Pemberton, that's easy to do.

We're sure you know that our mountain bike trails are stellar right now. And of course horseback riding is an excellent choice. Hiking works, as does taking a long leisurely drive along the Duffy Lake Road or our the Pemberton Meadows Road. Speaking of which, road cycling is an option more and more tourists and residents enjoy.

The point is, it doesn't much matter how you get outside, just do it.

Once outdoors, look around you. Pemberton is a fall destination for British Columbia precisely because of what you will see as you spend time outside.


Look Around You

The wild mushrooms colour the paths, bright reds, yellows and even glow-in-the-dark varieties line the trails.

Noticing what lies along the trails can be hard to do if you're used to giving 'er at breakneck speed.

So we ask that you try to slow down at least a little bit this fall and look around you. 

Pemberton offers some of the most vivid fall colours in British Columbia. The mountains and fall leaves turning orange, red and yellow seem to go hand in hand. 

Pemberton Fall hiking

There's something special about the combination of tall green pines with the sumac, cottonwood, birch, alder, and aspen. Not to mention maple trees as well.

On hikes in Pemberton you'll often go from deep woods where you'll see a variety of mushrooms, fallen logs, moss and mostly pine trees lining the path to the valley floor where colour is almost shocking as the trees turn vibrant before your eyes.

When we get those bluebird skies that seem to happen more often than not in the fall the contrast can help remind you why British Columbia really is a special place.

The colours don't all come from the leaves changing, though.

Pumpkin Time at North Arm Farm

Take some time as you're enjoying the fall in Pemberton to pick your own pumpkin. North Arm Farm traditionally goes all out at this time of year and offers an experience. Pumpkins, wagon rides, and just a lovely old-time farm experience await you. 

Later This Fall Enjoy Festivities

Although this season creates the ideal atmosphere for visitors to slow down and spend time in nature, that's not the be all and end all. The fall season brings some deeply meaningful and fun experiences to Whistler, and including them in your fall planning could make for an experience of a lifetime. 

Coupling the gorgeous wilderness we offer with the Whistler Writers Festival this October is an ideal pairing. And, this year, it's even that much more special, as we have a local author, Katherine Fawcett, as one of the featured authors of the festival. Really, fall can't get much better this year.

And finally, Cornucopia again returns to Whistler this year. And again this year, Pemberton is featured. Local restaurants as well as Pemberton Distillery add a very Pemberton touch to Cornucopia. If you're able to attend this event during your stay with us in Pemberton, you'll notice a very "Pemby" vibe to many of the events! 

Whatever You Do, Slow Down a Little!

We know. We all like to go fast and experience the thrill life offers. But every once in awhile, it's not a bad idea to put the brakes on a bit, breathe a little, and notice the little things around you. We invite you to slow down in Pemberton this fall with us and see what happens. You're likely to be surprised.