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FAQ for Pemberton Music Festival

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Monday, July 14, 2014

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How much liquor can I bring into the camp grounds?

Probably the most frequently asked question I hear. You can bring the following amount of booze into the camp ground when you set up.

Each of the following is the maximum allowed amount of alcohol per person during the weekend:

  • one (1) 40oz bottle of liquor
  • two (2) 750mL bottles of wine
  • one (1) 473mL case of twenty four (24) cans of beer

You are allowed to have each of the above

Will my cell phone work at the festival?

Those that attended the first Pemberton Music Festival may remember that dropped calls and missed texts were all the rage. However three new temporary cell phone towers have been installed to help solve the problem. With that being said cell phones should work just fine this time around! On top of that there will be several cell phone charger stations to top up your phone.

Can I ride my bike to the festival | and is there a place to store my bike?

Yes you will be able to ride your bike to the festival. They don't want anyone on the Highway this year so they have re-routed all bike trails to different back roads. If your coming from town they want you to take the Pemberton Creek Dyke Trail or the Fraser Road Connector until you reach the Lillooet River Bridge. From here you will have to cross the bridge with car traffic until you reach Farm Road East (gravel pit turn off) take a left on the road until you reach the gravel pit. You will take a right at the gravel pit and follow the trail leading you into the back entrance of the festival. If you take the correct directions you will end up at the back entrance of the festival - not at the front entrance facing Highway 99.

Once you've arrived at the back entrance there will be bike racks to store your bike. Locks are not provided so bring your own if you want to lock your bike. There will also be festival staff on hand to watch over the bikes to make sure no foul play is involved.

Check out the Bike Map below

Pemby Fest Cycling Routes

When's the earliest I can set up and latest leave the campsite?

You can set up camp as early as Wednesday, July 16 after 2PM. They will begin kicking campers out after 5PM on Monday, July 21.

How do I register for activities such as the waterslide and Zip-Line?

pemby fest waterslide

Simple. If you want to go on the waterslide all you have to do is register your wristband online. The process takes a matter of minutes and allows you to ride the waterslide as many times as you wish. The waterslide feature is FREE to use. If you want to take a ride on the Zip-Line feature it will cost you $5 for one ride or $20 for unlimited use. No pre-registration is necessary for the Zip-Line. Both features will run on a first come first serve basis.

What day does the festival start?

Technically the festival starts on Wednesday, July 16 with a FREE concert series in Whistler. The concert is being called the kick-off party and takes place at Whistler Olympic Plaza. You can catch 4 FREE shows from several artists playing at the festival. Then on Thursday, July 17 the first day at the Pemberton Music Festival grounds kicks off. Eight performers will rock out the Pemberton stages from 5:15PM until 11PM. This day is being labeled as local's day and is open to anyone with a wristband. Friday, July 18 marks the first day concerts will take place from morning to night.

Will there be water stations?

Yes there will be several water stations located on the grounds. It's going to be a hot weekend in Pemberton so make sure to bring a re-usable water bottle. Don't let dehydration ruin your vacation.