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Pemberton Community Barn Raising Event

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Monday, April 28, 2014

Pemberton Community Barn Raising

It's almost here! The Pemberton Barn Raising event is set to take place this May 12-24. During the 12 day event Pemberton will welcome some 50 volunteers from the Timber Framers Guild (TFG) who will lead the construction project along with help and supplies from local volunteers and businesses.

The idea of a community barn has been in the works for several years now and thanks to the partnership with TFG and a generous donation from the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation has now become a reality. Pre-construction on the barn is already under way with the footing currently being poured before the arrival of TFG.

Barn Raising FootholdsFor those unfamiliar with the location of the future community barn it will be located at the dirt lot on Frontier Street adjacent to the railroad track and the Pemberton Pharmacy. The barn will be an open air timber structure (no walls, just a roof) with exposed douglas fir beams throughout the structure. The newly completed barn will house a number of activities including the weekly Pemberton Farmer's Market, summer movie evenings, traditional barn dances, and other festivals and performances.

Some important days of note to remember are May 22nd and 23rd. On these days members of the community plus TFG workers will come together to raise the structure on site in a traditional barn raising fashion. People are encouraged to stop by and check out the action. Following the barn raising there will be a community "hoedown" to celebrate completion of the frame on Friday, May 23rd at the Pemberton Community Centre. More details on this event will soon follow.

With Many Thanks

The Farmers GuideThe Framers Guild

A bit of a background on The Framers Guild. The TFG is a volunteer construction crew who specialize in the building of timber frame projects. The team of carpenters come together on various projects throughout Canada and the USA by volunteering their time and skills to construct non for profit projects for various communities and causes. Pemberton is very grateful that the TFG has taken on Pemberton as their latest project this May and is excited to welcome them to the community. During their stay in Pemberton the TFG will be put up by a number of families and community members generous enough to open their doors to the volunteers. Local restaurants will be providing food for the TFG members along with various community organizations and businesses who will be offering up tourist opportunities and entertainment for the workers. It should also be noted that several local volunteers and businesses will also be providing building material, equipment and resources to the barn raising.

Whistler Blackcomb FoundationThe Whistler Blackcomb Foundation

It must be noted that this project would not have moved forward without an extremely generous donation from the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation of $240,000. The foundation has provided several donations to community projects in Pemberton and it is with great thanks that they have helped to make this project a reality.

Pemberton BC Community Barn