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Pemberton Road Cycling Season Begins April 1 2014

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Road Cycling

Get Ready To Cycle in Pemberton!

Today marks the first day of cycling season in Pemberton & Mother Nature is helping us out because the day looks gorgeous!

Get your bike tuned up at the Bike Co. and get on the road!

Whether you are going to be training for the Subaru Ironman, which is coming pretty soon, on July 27th; or planning to head out for Slow Food Cycle Sunday this August (or both!) you'll want to enjoy the whole cycling season with us.

Cycling in Pemberton

Though we're still not as busy as our neighbours to the south (and we consider that a good thing) we're getting more notice as a destination for road cycling. It makes sense: Pemberton is a hub of sorts for people to ride from. In any direction, you can find an hours long cycling challenge that fits your needs for that day's ride.

Pemberton Meadows

Heading out toward Pemberton Meadows, you have a long, flat expanse of paved road which allows you to pass mile after mile of farmland. Though this ride is long ans straight, without the hills you will find on other rides, there are no regular rest stops, so you'll need to make sure and bring water and snacks for the way there and back.

Pemberton to Lillooet

Another popular ride heads out to LIllooet, along a hilly stretch of highway that provides stunning views and an impressive quiet. However, this is a 100 kilometre ride with some tough switchbacks. You'll want to be prepared for these. Though traffic is not a problem on this route, you may be surprised by the occasional wild horse.

So find your perfect training ride and get on your bike!