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Bike Pirate Book Launch March 27th

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Friday, March 07, 2014

Just in Time for Cycling Tourism Season - Pemberton Trail Guide

Bike Pirate BookThe timing is close to perfect for the Bike Pirate, Peter Oprsal, to launch his third mountain bike trail guide, and the first one for the Sea-to-Sky corridor. March 27th, at 6 PM, at the Pemberton Valley Lodge, come join us as Peter regales us with stories of how he single handedly put this book together.

Peter feels strongly that he needs to ride each trail he writes about, often several times, "It's the only way I can truly provide an accurate description," he says. That sums up pretty accurately his passion and dedication to the sport. But to truly understand that dedication, you need to go one step further: You need to understand that Peter also writes the guides he creates, takes all the photos, does the layout -- everything.

The Pemberton Valley Trail Guide - Behind the Scenes

The Pemberton Valley Trail Guide, his third book, took over a year and a half to complete. This process takes up much of Peter's time. He is either riding trails or writing about trails...or, in his spare time, volunteering for trail associations like the Pemberton Valley Trail Association ($5 from the sale of each book sold during the book launch will go to the PVTA, by the way).

He volunteered last year "helping to clean it up and buffer it a little" but would like to do more. "I love trail building as well," he says, "I just don't have a huge amount of time when working on the books."

No doubt.

"One thing that makes the bike pirate guides special is that I ride every single trail listed, sometimes several times to make sure I provide as much detail as I can on the type of ride and how to get to it. The majority of the work (on the Pemberton guide) was done last year so all the trails are up to date and as current as possible."

And, as only a true mountain bike enthusiast would say, "Riding the trails is the fun and easy part, the bulk of the work happens over the winter where I spend months rewriting each description and pulling it all together. Not only do I write and photo, but I also do the whole layout and design for each book." Wonderfully said.

You're going to have to come out to this event to hear Peter's stories and learn more about his projects to get more people involved in mountain biking. The evening of the launch, he'll be on hand to sign books, talk a bit more about the trails he loves, and also to launch the app that is a companion to the book. The app is done with Peter's partner Ryan Robertson from TrailMapps. They have a few apps they've done and are working on many more projects together.

More Cyclists Coming to Pemberton

Pemberton has seen a huge surge in cycling tourism in recent years, with the launch of the inaugural Slow Food Cycle Sunday, the Nimby Fifty, and the Ironman, rounding out the different types of cycling that Pemberton supports.

But mountain biking, which has always been epic in this area, really saw a boost in 2010, when a combined Pemberton and federal investment in trails saw an influx of $120,000 into the mountain biking trails in the area. The recent investment ($60,000 by the Village which was matched by the federal government) and just the recent excitement about cycling tourism in the area in general brought this from Peter, "As far as the 120,000 investment in mountain biking from Pemberton, It's Amazing! Communities such as Pemberton are realizing the economic, not to mention health benefits, the sport brings to the area and it's awesome to see." We couldn't agree more.

Tourism Cycling Season in Pemberton Begins

The March 27th launch is just at the beginning of the cycling tourism season in Pemberton. Some years, people can actually cycle year-round here, and this year, we almost thought we were going to be able to. The snow in the past few weeks has taken that thought from our brains, as we don our skis and take our sleds out for a spin or two, but spring will be here soon, and with it, cycling season.

A large part of what makes cycling in this area remarkable is the huge supportive community surrounding it. As David MacKenzie, president of Tourism Pemberton says, "We have an outdoor playground in our background," he said, also noting that he hopes to get lots of the community out for the launch to hear Peter speak, buy the book at the discounted price, and also invest back into the trails, as $5 from the sale of each book will go the to PVTA (Pemberton Valley Trail Association).

Buy the Book

The book will be available for sale at the launch at the reduced price of $20. And out of that $20 price tag, $5 will go toward the Pemberton Valley Trail Association. So make sure to come, listen to Peter's stories, and buy the book that evening.

And come by to say hello to Peter, The Bike Pirate. He's full of gratitude and wants to say "a big thank you the Pemberton community for being so supportive of this initiative, including the PVTA (Pemberton Valley Trail Association) and David (MacKenzie) at the Pemberton Valley Lodge. It's so nice to have so much support from the locals when working on a book for their area." Thank you to you, Peter. We look forward to the book launch and wish you the best.