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Mile One Eating House on Television

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Wednesday, March 12, 2014

You Gotta Eat at Mile One Eating House

Wonderful news for Pemberton foodies! You Gotta Eat Here, a Food Network Canada television show, came to Mile One Eating House and filmed an episode of their show.

Randy Jones, owner of Mile One Eating House, said that though it felt like being on fact sometimes like the entire restaurant was on stage, because of the "totally professional film crew" with You Gotta Eat Here, they "made it feel right!"

Great to know, Randy. It was an epic day for Pemberton, a great way to showcase our farm-to-table foods and one of our wonderful restaurants. As Randy says, "Honestly, it was exciting to see Mile One in the spotlight." The filming that was done "especially in the kitchen, really shows the steps we take and the raw products we use for recipes."

Mile One Eating House On Television

We think it is a wonderful way to let everyone know what everyone who lives here knows already: We have epic food, fresh from local farms, cooked by talented local chefs and presented to us in loving, warm, gorgeous surroundings. In other words, we're incredibly spoiled.

It's a moment that almost makes us hope that not too many people get the word. We really do have something incredibly special in Pemberton. And now all of Canada will potentially know. It's one thing to be the "Gateway to Adventure" but to combine that with really incredible food? That is something entirely different. That is taking things to another level. As Randy says, "I hope it helps to continue to put Pemberton on the Foodie map!"

A huge part of the day included a herculean effort by the staff at Mile One, and that did not go unnoticed by Randy, who sends out a huge "Thank you to our team for rolling with the work load, hype, and general intensity of the time leading up to the event and during the filming."

We're excited for everyone at Mile One, and perhaps especially for Randy. But for all of Pemberton, stay tuned. As soon as we find out when the show will air, we'll let you know. Thanks Randy and thanks to the entire crew at Mile One.

Let us know what you think! Has Pemberton made it onto the food map of Canada? Should we let everyone know about how awesome our food is, or are some things best left a well-kept secret?