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Pemberton Distillery is Number One Thing To Do In Pemberton

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Number One Thing To Do in Pemberton
According to TripAdvisor!

Pemberton Distillery

Pemberton Distillery is fascinating. Even if you're not a big drinker, even if you're not a huge potato lover. Just the fact that it is the only organic potato vodka in the world is intriguing.

Bruce and Brenda Miller play quite a role in the distillery, too. (They’re the potato farmers.) 

Still, it is surprising, all things considered, that the Pemberton Distillery is rated number one on the list of things to do in Pemberton.


Pemberton is 25 Minutes from Whistler
but a World Away

Pemberton, 25 minutes from Whistler, but a world away in spirit, is a quiet village of about 2000 residents. It’s true that you’re not going to find a Disneyland or a Sea World or (or what?) here to try to pry you away from yourself. But there are lots of attractions here, too. Horseback riding, mountain biking, skiing of various kinds, snowmobiling and eating come to mind.

But Pemberton Distillery is the number one thing to do. I needed to find out why. With 19 reviews, 17 of which were 5 stars and 2 of which were 4 stars, something amazing must be going on there. 

The reviews of the distillery are diverse, but one caught my eye. Christopher Nicolson says “The grounds are modest, but the high rating is due to the personality of the owner, the initiative and vision of the owner to place a distillery in this spectacular valley, and the beauty of the bicycle ride between the distillery and the potato farm. I would suggest riding from the farm to the distillery, rather than visa versa for obvious reasons.

Good point about the bike ride from the distillery to the farm. And this brings up something about Pemberton in general, and the distillery specifically, that people in Pemberton seem to take for granted, but which is truly extraordinary in this day and age. The farm-to-table aspect of the restaurants and this distillery. It’s quite trendy in cities, but in Pemberton it’s more a mundane fact of existence here. Pemberton Distillery is tied to Across the Creek Organics in a wonderful symbiotic relationship. And if the weather permits (which, given Pemberton’s micro-climate, is a distinct possibility) you can ride from the farm to the distillery and get some fresh air, wonderful views and gain some perspective on what makes Pemberton so special. 

Tyler Schramm, the distiller, gives tours on Saturdays at 4:00, again enhancing the idea of starting from the farm, riding to the distillery, and then, ideally, staying the night in Pemberton. Taste potato vodkas, gins, and notable whiskey. Take in the gorgeous surroundings with copper kettles and warmth. One thing nearly every reviewer notes is that, during the tour, you feel like you are a very welcome guest. One reviewer noted that the guides “make you feel like answering your questions are their only focus in life.” 

We urge you to take a tour of Pemberton Distillery and see what you think. It’s a great addition to a weekend getaway in Pemberton. If we can help make your stay in Pemberton even better, let us know. We are here to answer your questions or steer you where you need to go.