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Pemberton Video Highlights

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Monday, November 17, 2014

The first video highlights a day of fishing with the boys over at Pemberton Fish Finder. We catch the Fish Finder crew heading out for a day of fly-fishing on the Birken Head River. The video was shot by a drone camera and provides some very cool aerial shots of Pemberton

For more information on fishing in Pemberton head on over the Pemberton Fish Finder website.

The second video features local chef and owner of the Mile One Eating House Randy Jones rockin it out on the Global BC morning show. Randy is there to promote his up-coming appearance at Cornucopia Whistler. During his appearance Randy highlights how the Mile One Eating House famously uses local Pemberton ingredients in all of their creations. Check it out Steve Darlings reaction is priceless! You know he wants some of that delicious food.

To learn more about the Mile One Restaurant check out