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September Fishing in Pemberton

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fly FishermanAs of right now the Sockeye Salmon are making their run up the Fraser River and arriving in Pemberton's Lakes and rivers to spawn. While the salmon cannot be fished they bring with them hungry trout looking to snack on their yummy salmon eggs.

Right now the two best places to catch a healthy trout are along the Birkenhead River or at the mouths of Anderson Lake and Birkenhead Lake. When we refer to the mouths of the lakes we mean the points in which the lakes funnel into the surrounding rivers.

Rainbow and Bull Trout Are Running

The two most common fish you're looking for at this time of the year are rainbow and bull trout. If you're planning to post up along the birkenhead river then you'll most likely be fly fishing. For sink tip line try a minnow pattern, egg pattern or a stonefly nymph. If your fishing on a float line try black ant patterns, elk hair caddis or adult golden stonefly.

Pemberton Fall Fishing Tips

For those looking to troll the lakes try medium size spoons or size 5 and smaller spinners. The best trolling depths for trout are between 40 to 60 feet.

All of the fishing spots mentioned above are located towards the town of Birken - located about 25 minutes from Pemberton.

For more information on fishing in Pemberton including how to secure an expert guide visit Spud Valley Sports in downtown Pemberton. The boys from Spud have been fishing these waters their whole lives and know everything there is to know about catching fish in Pemberton.