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New Pemberton Disc Golf Course Opens

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Monday, July 29, 2013

Disc Golf 1Pemberton is officially home to a new disc golf course! The course is located just off the side of the Nairn Falls Connector Trail in between One Mile Lake and Nairn Falls Campground. As of right now there are 9 operational holes however there are plans to install another 9 holes in the near future.

The Pemberton Disk Golf Course is still in the initial stages of development so hole signage is still being installed. But the first 9 holes are completely operational and can be played by anyone who wants to give the course a try. And the best part about the Pemby course and any disc golf course in general is that it's absolutely FREE to play. All you need is a disc and away you go.

Getting There

The easiest way to get to the course is to walk to the course via the One Mile Lake Trail. Once you arrive at One Mile Lake you take the trail on the right hand side of the lake (when facing the lake take a right). Walk the trail for about 3 minutes until you reach the One Mile - Nairn Falls Connector Trail. Follow this trail for about 2 to 3 minutes until you see the first hole on the right hand side. As of right now the course is not marked however signs will be up in the next few weeks.

How to Play

For those unfamiliar with disc golf it's like a blend of real golf and tossing a Frisbee. Instead of using a beach Frisbee players use discs specifically meant for the sport. These disc's are more durable than a traditional Frisbee and are heavier allowing them to be thrown farther.

Disc Golf 2At the beginning of each hole a player approaches a tee box where he or she make their first throw. Each hole has a basket that the player tries to hit in the least amount of shots. Just like in golf holes bend in different ways and have various obstacles in the way of each basket. Each player follows their tee shot off the tee box and must play their next shot from wherever it lands. This process continues until the disc is thrown into the basket at the end of each hole.

Big Thanks

A special thanks to the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation who donated $10,000 to bring the course to fruition.

Thanks also go to the boys over at the Whistler Disc Golf Course who helped in the design of the course and the countless volunteers who donated their time to help install baskets and tee boxes on the course.

For more information visit the Pemberton Disc Golf Course Facebook group page.