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Cornucopia, Pemberton Style

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cornucopia, A True Extravaganza This Year

Cornucopia, Whistler's celebration of food and drink, expanded in this, its 17th year, from a five day festival to an 11 day extravaganza. In this expansion, organizers added a series of events called "Nourish". These events run throughout the day, beginning each morning with meditation, followed by yoga. The days' theme is then set, from raw foods, to food allergies to fermented foods. And, of course, there are all the traditional wine tastings, CRUSH parties, galas, etc, that Cornucopia is known for. The most famous chefs and vintners from around the world descend on Whistler for this event each year.

And That is Where Pemberton Comes In

Solfeggio Foods, Pemberton's newest and hippest restaurant, took part on the centre stage at the Whistler Conference Centre, on November 9th, with the Whistler Farmer's Lunch Workshop. Solfeggio delivered "a healthy take on a burger and poutine: Ice Cap Organics spicy squash burgers with Rootdown Organic Farm greens, Across the Creek Organics potatoes, local mushroom and Organic Lives chickpea miso gravy and The Farm House Natural Cheeses curds." You may notice some of the names in the above menu. Solfeggio Foods makes a point to not only serve raw and organic foods, but also foods from close to home, a true farm-to-table experience.

Which is the Theme Running Through This Piece

Since the other two establishments taking part this year are also farm-to-table aficionados. Pemberton Distillery and Mile One Eating House are hosting Cocktails & Comfort Food Pemberton style. For this event, which takes place Sunday, November 17th, the last day of the festival, they will be putting together a 4 course tasting menu. It will, of course, showcase their Mile One Burger, albeit in a mini version. This will come with Rootdown Farm Relish, Apple Brandy Braised Onion and Bacon Jam, and will be served with Pemberton Potato Pancakes. There will also be Okanagan Cheese Curds & Whiskey Gravy, a Mac and Cheese featuring smoked Pacific Albacore Tuna. For dessert, they will serve a Root Beer float & Apple Bale dessert. Randy, the head chef and owner of Mile One, notes, with characteristic humbleness, "We are honoured to have the Schramms ask us to join them."

The Schramms, of course, are Tyler and Jonathan, owners of Pemberton Distillery. Pemberton Distillery will be offering guided tours on Saturday, November 16th as part of their contribution to Cornucopia, as well as taking part in the Sunday Cocktails & Comfort Food.