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Go Bandit Helmet Cameras

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Monday, March 05, 2012

Go BanditGoBandit are innovative manufactures of high definition helmet cameras and action video devices.  The cameras are developed in Germany and GoBandit are a driving force in the helmet cam market.

gobandit LIVE - share videos instantly

They recently launched the gobandit LIVE which is the first action camera in the world to integrate wireless connectivity. If you are out exploring the incredible Pemberton backcountry on your skis or sled, you can now edit and share the videos instantly with your smartphone! You can use the free smartphone app to share your incredible footage instantly. 

gobandit liveRecord on your snowmobile

The gobandit LIVE will record from your helmet, bike, car or even your snowmobile. There is a full range of accessories to support different sports and activities.

Both the original gobandit action camera and the gobandit LIVE allows you to add cool things into your video such as position, altitude and speed to name a few. These are all very crucial items when bragging to your friends about the amazing day snowmobiling you had in Pemberton!

Edit videos easily

Software and skins are also available allowing you to edit your videos and share them with your friends seamlessly. The software is able to upload your video to your favorite sites like YouTube or Facebook. The camera is also able to take action photos, perfect for capturing that backcountry ski or snowboard shot. 

You could win a GoBandit camera! 

Snowmobile Promo FB LIKE ButtonAs part of the Tourism Pemberton snowmobile contest on Facebook, we are giving away a gobandit action camera!  All you need to do to win the camera is enter the contest on the Tourism Pemberton Facebook page.

Good luck and remember the contest closes this Friday March 9.

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