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Things to do in Pemberton

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Thursday, November 29, 2012

Looking for a cool activity to do on your next trip to Pemberton? This weekly blog series offers up some great ideas for people looking for a cool Pemberton activity.

Check out Nairn Falls

Nairn Falls WinterOne of the coolest things you can do on your visit to Pemberton is check out Nairn Falls. If the name doesn't give it away these are a series waterfalls located just outside of Pemberton.

To get to the falls all you have to do is drive about two minutes outside of town towards Whistler to the Nairn Falls Camp Grounds. Once you get to the parking lot the hike to the falls is about 20 minutes one way. Cleary marked signs will mark the way. The hike is fairly intermediate and the trail is well maintained. Small children however should be kept an eye on as the trail is fairly high up from the adjacent river.

Once you get to the falls there are two viewing stations to watch both of the waterfalls. Make sure to bring a camera as the waterfalls are an awesome sight to behold and sit untouched in the middle of the forest.

All in all you should plan for about an hour or hour and a half depending on how much exploring you want to do. There is a series of places before the falls to wander down to the riverbed and take some cool pictures with the mountains in the backdrop.

Always remember to respect the power of the river and never leave the fenced in area around the falls. Things can get slippery this time of year so remember to wear appropriate foot wear and watch your step.

Check out a cool video of the falls below

Photo of Nairn Falls: Courtesy Dave Steers