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Geocaching in the Pemberton Valley

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Saturday, July 16, 2011

by Dee Raffo, Shaw TV

A Treasure Hunt with a Twist!

Geocaching SignGeocaching involves using a GPS device to find a hidden cache. Pemberton has seven to find this summer. Why not give geocaching a try?

In the trees, amongst the tall grasses, floating on lakes and secured on mountain faces... these are the possible hiding places for treasure that can be found all over the Pemberton Valley this summer.

Donna Hassan, Tourism Pemberton co-chair, explains, "Its a lot of fun. This is the first time I have experienced geocaching. In fact up until last year I didn't even know what it was. So this is a learning curve for me and the other members of the Tourism Pemberton committee but we've had a great time hiding them."

Find Hidden Containers Using GPS

Geocaching involves finding hidden containers using a GPS device. Players log-in online to get the coordinates and then head off on an adventure to places they may have never been to before.

"I just came out with some friends today and it was really good fun. As human beings we almost have an built in need to go out, explore and find stuff. It's a really good way of doing that and spending time in the sunshine", notes Pemberton Valley resident Babar Javed.

The Thrill of the Hunt, The Glory of the Find

That is what it's all about: the thrill of the hunt and the glory of the find. But what are these outdoor enthusiasts searching for and what do they find inside?

Lisa Griffiths, Tourism Pemberton's marketing coordinator explains "geocache can be anything actually. A container as small as a match box can be a  microgeocache that might simply contain a small scroll of paper where people can leave a log of their visit or a geocache can be a tupperware box or a large bin. So they range in size and you can hide trinkets or souvenirs... items for trade."

When you find the cache the idea is to take the trinket and exchange it for something similar or of higher value. Geoaching adds an exciting, exploratory element to a hike. It can be done by anyone and it's easy to get involved.

Griffiths adds "geocachers go to and that's where they find a geocache listing. Each listing is rated with a whole list of attributes that tell people a little bit about the geocache. Is it wheel chair accessible? Is it good for small children? Do you need a flashlight? ...all those sorts of details. So you would want to go to the website first to find the coordinates online, download them to your mobile phone or write them on a piece of paper and off you go!"

Seven Geocaches in the Pemberton Valley

There are seven geocaches stuffed in the Pemberton Valley area. Locals and visitors searching for geocaches may find themselves on top of mountains or in the downtown urban jungle.

Hasan is pointing to the top of a local Pemberton Valley mountain when she notes "there is the last one that we just hid. The seventh geocache is way up on the mountain top and when you get there it offers a spectacular view of the Pemberton Valley. You just can't beat it. You wouldn't go there normally. The reason you would is the geocache."

Geocaching proves it's not only pirates that are on the search for treasure. Join us the Pemberton Valley this summer for your treasure hunt.

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