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What is MADE in Pemberton?

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Monday, November 21, 2011

MADE means... Music, Art, Dance, Expression.

By Babar Javed [ or 604 698 5608]


This 4th annual celebration will occur at the Pemberton Community Centre on Saturday, November 26th, from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. Over fifty local artists will be participating in this highlight of Pemberton Arts Council's annual arts calendar. Locals are invited to come and embrace the artistic wonder created within their own community.

There will be Pemberton-made painting, sculpture, woodcarving, music, performance, jewellery, photography, food and drink. Attendees are encouraged to grab a drink and mingle throughout the building, taking in the sights and sounds. It is a 19+ event. Food and drink is cash only. Entry is by donation.

But what is MADE made of?

 Being a writer, my mind turns immediately to the letters of which it is composed:

'M' Stands for Music


Such as that played by the richly-bearded, velvet-wearing, multi-instrumentalist Papa Josh, who just this month won the Canadian Loop Championships. This is where a single musician plays one instrument at a time, building a full music track right before your eyes. Josh is soon on his way to the world finals to funk'n'grind stern Germans.

MADE Popa Josh

The full listing of musicians at MADE comprises:

Deadly Papa Josh & the Funk Patrol; Anita Burleson & Tom McCoy; Suzanne Wilson & Jeff Maynard; DJ Deadly; Carolyn Christie; The K Family Band; and The Pemberton Orchestra

'M' also stands for...

M also stands for "giant fist in a field" maker David Moldofsky, and delicate jeweller of precious metals and stones Michelle Klaui, both from the bohemian badlands of Birken. And M also stands for eko-sculptor Martin Dahinden, known for popular "art attacks" around the village, including birds in metal nests and water-squirting towers. And painter of multi-coloured traditional and fairytale symbols Michelle Beauregard. As you can see there is so much to tell you, and we're still only on the first letter. Better move onto the next one.

'A' Stands for Art


There is a popular belief that art is somehow elitist, and only for the special few. However the Pemberton Arts Council believes that the nature of art is democratic. After all, do we not each imagine and daydream and dream? Whether you are a first time artist exhibiting, or a first time viewer visiting, we welcome you all.

MADE Artist

The more we share our imaginations, the better for all; for every worthwhile venture - whether social or commercial - begins with a vision. Art enriches our community and also the individuals of which it is composed. By our community we mean everyone in and around Pemberton, including the Meadows, Mt. Currie, Birken, D'Arcy and Whistler.

'D' stands for Dance


This means that we expect you to shake you booty to the funky tunes of the many maestros mentioned above.

I could also wax lyrical about the dance of light and shade on one of Tim Napier's polished wood bowls, or on the slick skins of Mike Tyler's fantastically fluid soapstones and bronzes, or on the glossy fur of a Lynn Pocklington bear, or across a dusky rural landscape by Karen Love. But I am unable to do justice to the shifting magic of these mighty works, so you better come and see them for yourself.

'E' stands for Expression


For a small village, Pemberton really rocks! It is chock-full of artists of every kind. As well as many art forms you would expect, we also have Babar Javed's "Guru Garam Masala"; Candace Hopkins' creative appetizers, desserts, and tasty treats; and the artful distillation of organic potato vodka, plus gin and syrups, by Tyler Schramm. So grab a martini, wine or beer and begin your local artistic adventure.

MADE is at the Pemberton Community Centre on Saturday, November 26th, from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. Entry is by donation.

Learn more about 2011 MADE in Pemberton by visiting MADE's Facebook Group page.