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2011 Message from Tourism Pemberton

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2011


TP Logo 4 Colour GIFTourism Pemberton would like to thank those businesses who joined us in 2010. Your valued membership helped contribute to strengthening our organization and the tourism industry in our community.  During 2010 your membership:

  • presented to the 40,000+ visitors to our website;, a glimpse into our amazing area including fascinating stories about our people and places, events taking place, special promotions including a detailed information page on each Tourism Pemberton member;
  • provided Pemberton and Area media exposure through the Olympic games through our media kits;
  • allowed Tourism Pemberton to provide collaborative advertising space at a reduced rate to our members; and
  • provided an opportunity to showcase Pemberton at trade shows.

We are very excited about 2011 and hope you will join us!  Here is what you can look forward to:

  • continued reasonable membership fees - it's the best marketing dollars you'll spend;
  • Pemberton video development (to be completed by March 2011) showcasing a 5 minute feature as well as a 1 minute "Pemberton Summer Magic" video (shown below) and 1 minute winter Vignette;
  • collaborate with local businesses, Pemberton Valley Trails & local government officials to provide map, signage and routing for local trails;
  • Installation of  6 new geo-cache sites;  and
  • Involvement with Slow Food Cycle.

In 2011 we will continue to provide a strong voice for your business in the tourism industry, attract attention and increase visitors to TP website, provide discounts on advertising campaigns and other marketing opportunities, work closely with other chambers and tourism organizations to maximize Pemberton's exposure to tourists and worldwide media.  We will continually hold monthly meetings and hope that you have an opportunity to join us.   

The Tourism Pemberton Committee looks forward to continually promoting our community and your business.  

Tracey Rozsypalek,
Chair & the Tourism Pemberton Committee

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