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Pemberton: Serious About Coffee

Photo by Dave Steers

Posted on Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pemberton’s espresso in good supply

A staple of Pemberton Valley mountain winter mornings, caffeine is king in this vibrant little town. In fact, within the small footprint of the Village of Pemberton there are five places were espresso shots flow, steamers steam and coffee connoisseurs get their morning jolt. (That’s about one java joint per 600 residents.)

Making Pemberton’s caffeine connection

Pemberton CoffeeNear the entrance to town, there’s the Mt. Currie Coffee Company, known for it’s excellent array of espresso-based drinks and crack of dawn opening. The tongue-in-cheek Canadiano, a long espresso fortified with a shop of genuine maple syrup — is perfect started for a day of snowshoeing (rentals available at Spud Valley Sports) at Nairn Falls or a brisk morning jog around the One Mile Lake boardwalk.

Across the street, another early riser haunt that makes wicked coffees, The Blackbird Bakery with its excellent breads and house made puff pastry selections, both sweet and savoury. 

Closer into town, visitors will find the Pemberton’s iconic Pony Espresso. Although the menu, owners and location have changed, the Pony is still making the same great espresso that’s credited  for creating the valley’s first Cappuccino Cowboys. Real cowboys can still be seen sipping on their lattés and shooting the breeze while their horses patiently wait.

On the other side of the tracks, across from the old railway station, are the adjacent deli establishments Grimm’s and The Swiss. While their individual menus are quite different (The Swiss make a killer goulash and amazing rosti potatoes, while Grimm’s soups and sandwiches rock and their baked goods are based on authentic old valley recipes.)  both places know their way around an espresso maker.

Brewing your own while visiting Pemberton

Pemberton SupermarketAnd for those travelers with coffee-making equipment at the ready, both Pemberton Valley Supermarket and the AG grocery store offer a variety of premium coffees.

Including the locally roasted Pemberton Valley Coffee Co. blends in their distinct blue (regular) and red (decaf) bags.