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Locals Profile: Kristi Richards

Photo by Dave Steers

Burned out after Torino, Olympic mogul skier Kristi Richards returned to Pemberton to regroup, restore and set her sights on 2010. 

Since 2006, Richards has been working with mogul skiing guru Steve Fearing, former coach of Japanese gold-medalist Tae Satoya. "Steve believes that being able to ski all conditions is what makes a great skier, so he always supports that I get to ski the terrain that feeds my passion for the sport," she says. Also on Richards’ newly balanced schedule:  Travelling to surf and meditation retreats in Costa Rica, reading Che Guevara and starting the Supporting the Dream Legacy Fund to help the next generation of athletes. A self-confessed "hippie at heart," Richards’ new balancing act seems to be resulting in mastery: Richards won the 2007 World Championships, finished 4th overall on the World Cup that year, and placed 5th at the 2009 World Championships. As she goes into every starting gate, she looks up into the mountains to savor the gratitude and pleasure of the moment -- then she enters the zone.

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