The 2018-19 Pemberton Visitors Guide is now available online

Gateway to Winter Adventure

Photo by Dave Steers

Every Level of Adventure:  Skiing and Snowboarding in Pemberton 

Even without a lift-serviced ski area, Pemberton delivers a wealth of skiing and riding options for the adventurous. Hailed by The New York Times as the sled-skiing epicenter of the world, Pemberton offers a broadly diverse array of exquisite options for sliding across the snow. More >

Snowmobiling in Pemberton: Key Players and Signature Sledhead Haunts

Let the race to the top begin: Pemberton is among the most popular and rewarding places to ride a snowmobile in the Pacific Northwest. But finding one’s way amid the local sledhead scene can be daunting. Not anymore:  Click through to see our insider’s guide to key players and signature haunts.  More >

Gateways to the Backcountry: An Insiders Guide

Pemberton's backcountry is home to untouched purity, untracked wildlife and unspoiled wilderness. Jagged peaks, expansive glaciers and open meadows allow for exploration in all seasons. Skiers, snowmobilers, mountaineers, hikers and mountain bikers who are in-the-know can access this sprawling and exceptional wilderness playground through Pemberton’s “hidden” portals. Find out why Pemberton is one of only five communities in British Columbia to have received a ‘Gateway” designation – and where the insiders know to go. More >

Polar Bear Swim Any Time of the Year

The annual Polar Bear swim sees holes cut in the ice of Pemberton’s One Mile Lake for brave swimmers each February -- but a quick dip in a swimming hole on the glacial-fed Lillooet River requires a thick skin at any time of the year.

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