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Take to the Air: Paraglide, Skydive & Soar

Photo by Dave Steers

Pemberton: Paragliding Mecca

On a typical summer Saturday afternoon, Pembertonians are looking up. The skies above town are dotted with dozens of paragliders in flight.  Colourful crescents sink, sail and catch thermal updrafts that are globally renowned for their ability to lift experienced pilots over 3500 meters (more than 2 miles) above the ground.  Skilled pilots like Ty Trand (a professional ski guide and Pemberton local) can fly more than 100 kilometers and stay in the air for many hours on a single flight, while beginner pilots like Bridgette Less (a local single mom) can get their adrenalin kicks on low-elevation tandem flights.  Pemberton's new paragliding launch site, which opened in fall of 2009, is suitable for international competitions.

Skydiving With a Sense of Descent

Jumping out of an airplane 2,000 feet above an 8,000 foot mountain then landing in a meadow at its base gives “falling” a whole new perspective. International skydivers of all levels are drawn to Pemberton because of the proximity to spectacular Mount Currie – a particularly exceptional experience since much of the rest of the world’s premier skydiving takes place in wide open areas like deserts, prairies and oceans. Far enough away to be completely safe yet close enough to provide skydivers with a real sense of movement through space, Mount Currie is the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable fall.

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