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Story Starters

Photo by Dave Steers

Pemberton - Discover the Unexpected

Some people mistakenly think it’s just a bedroom community. Others mistakenly think it’s one big potato farm. In fact, Pemberton is a hidden gem -- a destination of choice for those in the know and a gateway to rare adventure. Here, horses gallop through open fields at the foot of soaring peaks. Paragliders bank on thermals overhead. Slow foodies cycle from farm gate to farm gate, nibbling on the fruits of the fields. Snowmobiles depart for the otherworldly Pemberton Ice Cap. Skiers float through pristine powder in the wilds.

Located just 25 minutes north of the famous international mountain resort of Whistler, and within easy reach of both Vancouver and Seattle, pastoral Pemberton delivers its own brand of exceptional experiences, distinct from anything else in the region. For urban escapees, for travelers in search of a different pace and for explorers hunting for true adventure, Pemberton is rich in rewards. 

Browse through our story starters to get an edge on what Pemberton is really all about.

Gateway to Summer Adventure

Pemberton Summer Recreation TTake it to the air, get down to the farm, unleash your inner cowboy and more summer adventure story starters.

Gateway to Winter Adventure

Pemberton SnowmobilingSnowmobiling on the glacier, gateways to the backcountry or our Polar Bear Swim are just some winter adventure story starters.

Pemberton People

Pemberton PeopleMountain men and women, Olympic champions, world-class dragon boat teams. Just some Pemberton people story starters.

Pemberton Places

Things to See TPemberton is chock full of great places to go and things to see. Check out Pemberton Places story starters.

2010 Winter Games

Pemberton 2010 TOlympians and ventures of Olympic proportions are plentiful. Learn about Pemberton 2010 story starters.

Little Know Truths

Little Known Facts Little know facts about Emily Carr, potatoes, the Cold War and more. Pemberton Little Known Truth story starters.

And keep in mind that this list is just a start. There’s much more of the unexpected to discover in the real Pemberton – and lots of great stories to tell. Contact us or come see for yourself.