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Bike-Friendly Pemberton Resources

Photo by Dave Steers

Recommendations from Edward Witwicki...

"For people who want to come and enjoy the trails in Pemberton they should first stop in at the local bike shop. They just celebrated 20 years in Pemberton. You can purchase a map there and all proceeds go back into The PVTA (Pemberton Valley Trail Association). Also the crew at the bike shop are very knowledgeable and would be happy to answer any questions you have. Before you head out in the morning make sure you stop by the Mt Currie Coffee co. for some java and a breakfast sandwich."

"After your morning pedal refuel at "Mile One Café" with a burger and poutine and take in the views of Mt Currie that over shadows Pemberton. Once you're all energized up head out for another ride, the options are limitless. At the end of the day head to the "Pony" right beside the bike shop and enjoy a nice pint of beer and some  food on their deck and plan your next day's ride!! Also every Thursday is local's night Pizza and a Pint, free pint of beer with a pizza."

Bike Pirate Book & App

Learn everything you need to know about the Pemberton mountain bike trail system with the Bike Pirate book & app. Get first-hand knowledge from local riders and their insider tips on each trail. The book is available for purchase at Pemberton Bike Co. while the app can be purchased via your smart phone. Both resources feature information on 80+ Pemberton trails, showing you suggested loops, and in the case of the app allowing GPS tracking and directions. Once the app is downloaded you can even access full maps without cell phone service.

Bike Tools

Cyclists need basic tools and luckily, Pemberton has an awesome bike shop that is your one stop shop for all biking needs. The shop stocks everything you'll need for both mountain biking and road cycling. Basic bike tools are available including tubes, spokes, oil, patch kits, etc. Bike pumps, blinkie lights, chain lube, leg bands, and more are also available.

Local Eats Worth Checking Out!

Bike-Friendly Accommodations

Pemberton Camping

"There's a campground just outside of Pemberton called Nairn Falls you can ride to all the trails from there and the Pemberton Valley Lodge has some amazing accommodations with pool and hot tub."

Wear a helmet